Free Member Promotions—1) Member Admin Ad System AND 2) External Member MES Promotions
You can build your MES page to higher effectiveness and then launch it to other members as well as larger markets to which we communicate. These both highlight and promote engaging member MES pages. So, you can get exposure to members internally and, in the second level, to our external markets concerned with member development. (I will be putting this email up in the Member Benefits page later.) Let me roll both levels out here...
    How the Member Ad System works.
First, for Member Admin Ad System  promotion you need to have a completed page, that is, with your own profile image, avatar and then at least 3 images of your products or services. This can include 1 screen shot mentioned below.
With that done, unless otherwise noted below, 1 point is given you with:
• Sales Appeal(s)— 1 additional point when you base them on a season/event, such as the example of mine below, referencing the 4th of July.
Identified products/services (P/S)— meaning names of distinct P/S you are selling. For example, when showing jewelry, don’t just say “necklace.” Give it a name, such as “Golden Drops Necklace,” etc.
• Outgoing Active Links-- to your full web site with reciprocal link back to your own page. And more points if you link from your other social media pages.
Incoming Active Links— 2 points each to INCOMING links from your Web site(s) and/or social media pages. Provide links when letting us know.
Your Page Promotion at Market Events—3 points per event. At your banner hanging from your table or background. (See Member Benefits page.)
Being a MES Market Event Representative—4 points per event. (See Member Benefits page.)
• Screen Shot Picture Promotion— 2 points each of your page when you take a screen shot of your page and place it on your other web site(s) and social media pages. That is, when you put a picture into your Facebook page, you get 2 points, into your Twitter announcement, another 2 points, Pinterest, another 2 points and so on. To capture these points, you must have a link back to your page. Screen shot capture is easy. Shoot me an email if you don’t know how to do it.
• Offer discounts, 2 for 1, etc— This can be of a single product/service or across the board on your page — This is a given since everybody viewing is a member, but any discount beyond which you sell at events or online is a purchase incentive.
• Good image quality— meaning good light with products taken in natural light or flash and in focus. This applies to still and video.
Member sites with equal number of points will be scheduled into the Member Ad System email as received.
Second, you have MES EXTERNAL PROMOTION. This is second level. This is most often in email to our own email base of interesteds.
       How External Member MES Promotions Work
• Must have done much or all of the above.
* Selected according to content, appearance and market target appropriateness. We are looking for market appeal that really promotes your product or service  not only in visual presentation but copy and links as well.
On both external and internal levels, we will give you a notice if we select your MES page for external promotion should you agree to and/or want to change your page for that wider audience.
That’s it for the two levels of Member Ad System. My sample at bottom of this admin email. 
Finally, you need to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you want to get into the schedule to see your MES site. I will follow you so we can keep up with your page and select those that will be in the two levels of promotions at that time.


Now doing hang tags and bag stuffers in-house.
Why do you want to do these?
They enable you to capture emails of your customers so you can stay in touch with offers, products and services. D

MES Double Sided Hang Tags—A Tiny Tool that Delivers Big
Many of you already use hang tags or bag stuffers with every purchase. These little jewels connect you and your MES page to every customer you get at your market event table or online. You want to create repeat sales from the same customer. To do that you must have a tool your customers can easily turn to when the need to buy from you again occurs. The Hang Tag. Just slip them in the bag and/or affix them to your product. (Most artists already do this.)
Costs vary. Here are 3 representative levels with double sided color printing on heavier stock. (For member benefit prices, we must design if uploading to outside printers.)
from Modern Post Card
3x3 inch
Count: 250 
Design fee and upload $20. 
from VistaPrint
rect. gift cards with envelopes (did not have smaller hang tags)
Count 250
Design and upload fee $20. 
MES In-house Printed
.75x2.5 inch
Count: 255
design fee with image: $20, without image: $10
cutting is $10, but you can cut with scissors or with a cutter
We do the following in our in-house printing. This is my hang tag sample for prints and framed
photos. Because my hang tag pictures are fairly uniform in tone, I can put copy over them. But if your hang tag image is more complex, I’d recommend just using copy as in the 4th panel. The flip side thank you tells how
the customer can reach your Marketeventsocial page. 
image + copy or just copy
The MES hang tag lets you promote your specific page on the platform. This is done with your specific email prefix that lets the shopper reach you through the search button. Your email prefix are the letters before the @ symbol in your email address. So the flip side of my hang tag reads: “search BQQ to reach my page.” My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
What to do to get your hang tag from the house or externally to any printer you want to use:
Email me at this address your:
  • Business under which you do business at shows
  • Your name
  • Your url if you have one (
  • Email
  • Phone #
Photos and logos: pictures taken with your cell phone generally work. We’ll need to work with them and send you a mockup for your approval before we print or send them to a printer.
Here are some other items that have been in the works...


Deep Member Discount with low end branding: 

Business and Personal Art Magnets--$3, incl face and back info design
Custom Posters--quote by size
Custom Murals--quote by design
web site design--$280--500
web campaigns--quote by level
graphic production--from $20
business video profiles--from $200, pay $500 and up commercial
post and business cards--$20 design for any commercial printer

More info:
Ben Harrison
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.